Coil Nail Making Machine

Coil Nail Making Machine

Coil Nail Making Machine for coil nails, jumbo coil nails.

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What is coil nail making machine?

Coil nail making machine is used to weld the wire nails into nail coils which are used in a Pneumatic nail gun.

The machine can automatically cut, put, and weld nails into nail coils.

The machine adopts a PLC control system, which can automatically count and sort nails according to customers’ different specifications. It also has functions such as auto detection and stopping when jamming or power failure. 

It is also called nail collating machinecoil nail welding machine, or automatic nail collator.

Advantages of Automatic Coil Nail Making Machine:

High Speed: the coil nail welding speed can reach max 3000 pcs per minute, which is much faster compared with other brands max speed of only 2000 pcs/min.

Equipped with 850 mm big diameter vibrating bowl, 380v 50hz power supply, and self-weight 380KG, this will ensure the long lifetime of the vibration bowl and high working speed.

Patent high-frequency welding machine, this can ensure the good welding result of the coil nails and low failure rate.

Famous brand machine parts: Omron PLC, Mitsubishi and Schneider Electric, WEINVIEW brand touch screen, .etc.

Auto rubber banding system, which can save labor a lot.

Coil Nail Making Process:

From Common wire nails- thread the wire nail shank with screw or ring type using a thread rolling machine, then weld the nails into coil nails through the coil nail collating machine.

The operating principle: 

The wire nails are fed into the first clamping device through a conveyor belt. Next, the wire nails will be cut into smaller pieces by the cutter and then feed them to second clamping device through the conveyor belt. After that, a pneumatic press is used to compress each piece of wire nail into a coil shape. Finally, the coil nails will be transferred onto another conveyor belt and then sent out of the machine.

The main parts are: feeding system, cutting system, bending system, feeding assembly line and output conveyor belt.

Coil Nail Making Machine Parameters:

Coil nails are often used for framing structures such as pallets or furniture because it can improve efficiency greatly. They are also referred to as spiral, spiral shank or spiral head nails.

  • Model: JD-100
  • Max Speed: 3000 nail pcs/min.
  • Motor Power: 5-6 kW
  • Welding Power: 20kw
  • Coil Nail Size: 25-100mm
  • Diemension: 2800x1000x1500mm
  • Weight: 1500 kg

Structure of the coil nail making machine: 

Vibration bowl, main frame, welding machine, air cooling system, electrical control cabinet.

Vibration bowl: The purpose of vibration bowl is to vibrate the coil by using electromagnetic force. The vibration makes the nail plate move back and forth at high speed, so that the nails are formed automatically.

The coil nail size that can make:

Coil nail diameter:2-4.5mm

Length: 25-100mm

Raw material: steel wire Q195/SAE1008

Welding wire: copper-coated welding wire

Category: nail collating machine

Coil Nails:

The coil nails are pre-formed and cut to length after being welded. They may be used in conjunction with a nail gun or hammer to drive them into material. They are available in different sizes and lengths depending on the type of work you intend to do with them.

Automatic Coil Nail Making Machine Video:

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