Coil Nail Making Machine

coil nail making machine

Automatic Rubber Band Coil Nail Making Machine

  1. Automatic Rubber Banding, One time rubber loading can last for 0.5-1 hour.
  2. Welding Speed: max 3200 pcs/min.
  3. Coil Nail Length: 25-100 mm

Coil Nail Making Process:

Thread Rolling

Coil Nail Welding

Coil Nail Making Machine FAQ:

There are mainly 2 models of the coil nail making machine:

JD-100: Coil nail length:25- 100mm.

AJD-100: Coil nail length:25- 130mm.

To make different coil nail diameter and length, just change different nail wheel holder is ok.

The max welding speed is 3200 pcs/min for small nails, the bigger nail size, the lower the speed.

Our coil nail making machine can weld smooth shank, screw shank and ring shank coil nails, 15°/16° Angled.

And also, we have machines designed for making big cap roofing coil nails, conical coil nails, flat coil nails and max 130mm coil nails.

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