How to choose suitable nail making machine models as a beginner

wire nail making process

Wire nails are the most commonly used in the market. How to make the wire nails?

  1. Wire Drawing: The raw material to make wire nails are Q195/SAE1008 grade wire, the wire rod in the market is 6.5mm, so the nail-producing process starts with wire drawing, which involves pulling a coil of metal wire through a series of dies to reduce its diameter to the required size.
  2. Molding: Once the wire is drawn to the required diameter, it is fed into a nail-making machine. The machine cuts the wire into the desired length and shapes the head and point of the nail.
  3. Polishing: After molding, the nails are polished to remove any rough edges and give them a smooth finish.

As a beginner, how to choose suitable machine models?

Different machine models are designed for different nail sizes. Z94-C Series nail making machines are popular in the market.

nail making machines

Z94-C Series Size Range  (1inch=25.4mm)

  • Z94-1C nail making machine for 0.5-1 inch
  • Z94-2C nail making machine for 1-2 inch
  • Z94-3C nail making machine for 1-3 inch
  • Z94-4C nail making machine for 2-4 inch
  • Z94-5C nail making machine for 4-6 inch

You can choose the suitable machine models according to this size range. For instance, you want to make 50-100mm nails, Z94-4C model can meet your need.

In general, we advise to use 3 models to make all 1-6 inch nails to get biggest profit and capacity.

For example, the Z94-5C model are designed for big nails such as from 100-150mm, if you use it to make small nails, the capacity will be limited.

What is wire drawing machine? Is it necessary to buy a wire drawing machine?

The wire drawing machine is necessary for wire nail making. The wire drawing machine is used to draw the coiled steel bar through the wire drawing dies to the diameter required by the nail making machine.

wire drawing machine

The wire rod cannot be used to make wire nails directly, so we need the draw the wire rod to the diameters required. To make wire nails, the basic equipment are nail making machine and nail polishing machine. If you don’t want to buy the wire drawing machine, you need to buy the cold drawing wire, which can be fed to the nail making machine directly.

If the budget is allowed, the wire drawing machine is necessary, there are several benefits of using a wire drawing machine for nail making:

  • Increased efficiency in the nail making process
  • High speed and stable performance
  • Low noise and easy operation
  • Ability to draw different metal wires for different final product accuracy and requirements
  • Cost-effectiveness, as it is more cost-effective to draw the nail wire by themselves

Now you can choose the suitable nail making machines to start your nail production, if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me, I am Sara, my whatsapp is :+86 17752553738. Your inquiry is welcome.