Nail Making Machine 1-6 inch Factory Supply

Nail Making Machine 1-6 inch Factory Supply

Z94-4C Nail Making Machine Parameters (The hot sale model):

Nail Diameter: 2.8-4.5 mm

Nail Length: 50-100 mm

Motor Power: 4kw

Speed: 280 pcs/min

Diemension: 2250x1500x1450mm

Weight: 2000 kg

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Wire nail making machines are designed to produce nails from a spool of wire, which is fed into the machine and cut to the desired length. Z94-C series nail making machines are designed to make 1-6 inch nails.

The process to make nails:

  1. Prepare the wire: Q195/Sae 1008 wire is the most common used wire for making wire nails. You would need to use a wire with a diameter that matches the nail-making machine’s specifications. The wire is typically fed into the machine from a coil.
  2. Feed the wire into the machine: The wire is fed into the nail making machine, which will cut it to the desired length and shape it into a nail.
  3. Straighten the wire: The wire needs to be straightened before it can be fed into the machine. This can be done using a wire straightenerat the top of nail making machine.
  4. Shape the nail: The nail-making machine will typically have a set of dies that shape the wire into a nail. The dies can be adjusted to produce nails of different sizes and shapes.
  5. Cut the nail: Once the nail has been shaped, it needs to be cut from the wire by nail cutter.
  6. Collect the nails: The nails will be produced in large quantities and will need to be collected and sorted in bags or cartons as your requirement.

Main spare parts of nail making machine:

The three main spare parts of a nail making machine are the nail moulds, nail cutter, and punch pin (hammer)

These parts are essential for the production of nails and may need to be replaced periodically due to wear and tear.


nail making machine spare parts (2)

Z94-C model nail making machine technical parameters:

ModelDiameter of nailsLength of nailsDesigned speedMotorDimensionWeight

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